El Cant dels Ocells - Quico Tretze 
i Òmnium Cultural | 2021 | 3:28 min. | Catalunya

An international production to fight for freedom of expression. 

"We will not be free as long as we allow musicians, artists, politicians, activists, people of peace... to be imprisoned or exiled for their ideas. LET'S SET OURSELVES FREE" (Quico Tretze)

In this music video, the activists convey their message with the power of their gaze, expressing what is forbidden to articulate through words, making the message even more potent. The song “El Cant dels Ocells” (The Song of the Birds) is a traditional Catalan Christmas carol that has gained international recognition. It holds historical and cultural significance, often associated with messages of hope, freedom, and resilience.

In Spain, the existing legal framework regards peaceful protests as a potential threat to public security, imposing significant fines for acts of civil disobedience and criminalizing online speech. This grants exceptional powers to security services, simultaneously restricting the safeguards afforded to citizens. As political tensions escalated between Madrid and Barcelona following the independence referendum, the limitations on free speech and assembly have intensified.

Guitarra i veu: Quico Tretze 
Arranjaments: Carles Viarnès 
Violí: Pep Massana 
Veus: Íngrid March Magalí Baulida Bet Farrés 
Figurants: Carlos Monfort Èric Fargas Eva Deulofeu Eva Monfort Íngrid Motis Jordi Puiggròs Josep Munné Magda Ninot Magí Senserrich Marc Mateu Sandra Bossy Santi Méndez 

Guió i Direcció: Alexandra Pille 
Camera i Operador de Drone: Bernd Hermes 
Edició: Max Dahlhaus 
Edició i Correcció de color: Karl Pille 
Amb la col·laboració de l'Ajuntament d'Igualada 
Una producció conjunta de Quico Tretze i Òmnium Cultural Anoia